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By collaborating with various strategic partners, AMIAC provides highly targeted business information and data management services across Asia. Among our services, Publishing and Brokerage of business directories are the best received ones among all.
Publishing of Directories
AMIAC's business information is meticulously researched and well classified into a wide range of business categories from high turnover banking and finance, to robust technology to labour intensive manufacturing sectors. Please refer to the right for AMIAC's directories for sales.
Brokerage of Directories
AMIAC can represent your directory to help expanding its reach to many more buyers in Asian markets through our extensive marketing networks. To find out more on what AMIAC can do for your business directory, please email us at or tel (852) 2562 1213.
DMA's Who's Who in Hong Kong
800 Exclusive Entrepreneurs selected by AMIAC's strategic partner, Direct Marketing of Asia Limited (DMA).
DMA's Who's Who in Hong Kong Trading Industries
Covering 1500 leading companies in Hong Kongˇ¦s Trading Industries. This directory is a great information source for Suppliers, Manufacturers and Purchasing Managers.
DMA's Who's Who in Hong Kong Manufacturing Industries
1500 key contacts in Hong Kong's Manufacturing industries.
DMA's Who's Who in Hong Kong Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector
1500 major contacts from Hong Kong's Medical and Pharmaceutical sector.
DMA's Who's Who in Hong Kong Banking & Finance Industry
A superb directory of Hong Kong's Leading Banking and Finance personnel.
High Income Professionals' Who's Who
Good contacts for Wealth Management Consultants, high-end products and services providers, Real Estates Agencies, Health and Fitness Industries.
1,500 Active Hong Kong Small & Medium Enterprises SME(s)
Excellent prospects for Information Technology, Computer Services, Accounting Services, Banking & Finance Services, Printing, Business Services and more.
Top 500 Companies with Linkage in PRC (China)
Suitable for business to enter the China market and share benefits from CEPA and WTO. Targeted industries in Accounting, Insurance, Consultancy and other Business Services.
1,000 International Enterprises with Regional Headquarters/ Offices in HK
Good contacts for Management, Accounting, Consultancy, Real Estates and IT service providers or businesses targeting to international markets.
1,000 Large Corporations in Hong Kong
Great for commercial Real Estates, Building Contractors, Travel Companies, Human Resources Services, Computer and Office Equipments, Marketing Consultants and others.
1,500 Influential Industrialists in Hong Kong
Superb contact for Wealth Management Consultants, Technology, Manufacturing, Trading, Real Estates and Human Resources Agencies.
1,000 Leading Commercial Companies in Hong Kong
Great for Commercial Real Estate, Building Contractors, Travel Companies, Human Resources Services, Computer and Office Equipment, Marketing Consultants and others.
1,000 Active Exhibition, Seminar & Conference Goers
Active Information seekers for products, services and knowledge. Good for Marketing and PR Event Organizers and Education Consultancies.
500 IT Professionals in Hong Kong
Suitable for Head Hunting Agencies, Technologies Industries, Research and Development Oriented Companies and Consultancy Agencies.
850 Key Decision Makers of Listed Companies in Hong Kong
Active Hong Kong Enterprises with over 50 employees, include Owners, Partners, Chairman, Presidents, Directors, and General Manager. They control business purchased.
800 Key Personnel in Operations Department (Back Office)
Influencers and gatekeepers in the organizations.
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